Best Vacation Ideas & Destinations for 2018

Khanom in Thailand

To those seeking to have some private romantic vacation, then Khanom in Thailand is your destination. The stunning beaches of Khanom are usually secluded with the only people around being the ever busy fishermen and their fishing nets; this gives you the privacy you need with your date. While in Thailand you can also visit the Nai phlao beach or the nadan beach which is actually the longest beach in Thailand. A visit to the caves of Khao Wang Thong and the great waterfalls of Samet Chun will make your trip worth it. You should also watch out for the pink dolphins that usually grace the shores of Thailand just after dawn. You can easily get the best no carb breakfast from most resorts in the area!


Havana in Cuba


Havana never disappoints the music lovers, popular for it pre-revolutionary style of music known as salsa. From the streets of Havana, one can feel the beats of rhumba, jazz and salsa coming from the streets bands and clubs. One can also get to enjoy the music concerts from the basilica menor de San Francisco de Asis or the Casa de la musica de Marimar that is famous for its salsa dance bands. During the night, one can listen to the musical tunes being played from the streets just from the comfort of the balcony.




Art has grown to be part of our lives, that why a visit to Spain is a must do for all art lovers; Spain has one of the world richest cultures and a great sense of art. One can also visit the Prado museum in Madrid and experience the collections of paintings; a stroll to the Segovia aqueduct gives one the privilege to experience the impressive sight that has existed for all over twenty centuries. A visit to the Guell Park in Barcelona to witness the best modern arts designed by Antoni Gaudi would be a good idea before taking that evening visit to the Alhambra palace in Granada to witness one of the loveliest sunsets in the word.




An adventurous trip to the Maldives is definitely one of the best things to do, with the Maldives being just four feet above the sea level, the marines species that have settled along the reefs making this the best site for scuba diving. Swimming with sharks is definitely a want to do for everyone. A trip to the Maldives cannot end without dining at the underwater glass restaurant as you enjoy the sight of the underwater sea life.




Enjoy the longest horse ride as you explore and enjoy the golden landscapes of Mongolia. Engage in horse races and night camps in the jungles of Mongolia plateaus. Meet the tribes of Mongolia and learn their indigenous culture.




Ever thought of walking together while you are all tied together by a rope? Well, a walk in the glaciers of Norway is an adventure worth trying. Armed with ice picks and crampons you will try to explore the twenty glaciers. The changing lights and sounds of ice make this a unique lifetime experience.